Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Helping Patrice

Patrice was found on a hot August day, lying in an alley in Minneapolis. The person who discovered her thought she was dead since she wasn't moving. As she knelt down to get a closer look, she saw that the cat was indeed breathing. The woman called Feline Rescue and the Foster Program took Patrice in as an emergency foster.

Patrice is a good 14-16 years old. She underwent extensive dental surgery to remove several decayed teeth. A first time foster caregiver took care of Patrice, making sure she got her daily medications. He even syringe fed Patrice while she was recovering from her dental surgery.

Several weeks later, her caregiver noticed that Patrice seemed to be having mouth pain again. He brought her to our vet where it was discovered the Patrice has oral cancer. She has a tumor that's growing quickly on the side of her mouth. It's currently the size of a ping pong ball.

Patrice purrs and enjoys being petted by her caregiver. She loves to ride around on his shoulders. Her caregiver comments that everyone who meets her, even if they don't like cats, is quickly charmed by this mellow senior lady.

Patrice has her good days. Patrice has her bad days. Since oral cancer is incredibly quick growing, Patrice's good days will be shadowed by her bad days very, very soon.

Although Patrice has only been with Feline Rescue for a short period of time, she has accumulated enormous vet bills. She's had surgery and lab work (including a cytology and a histopathology) and many, many vet visits.

To contribute towards Patrice's vet bills, you can donate via either the "Network for Good" or "Pay Pal" or go to our site.  Please make sure to enter "Patrice's vet bills" in the Designation field (otherwise it won't get earmarked for Patrice). Any amount will be thoroughly appreciated.

Donating by credit card via Network for Good Online:


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Make sure to enter "Patrice's Vet Bills" in the Designation field!


  1. You are the best! Thank you for helping... donation has been made.

    1. Thank you so much for your donation!


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