Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oneida and Emily, Mama Cat and Baby Cat

Stray momma cats have it tough out there. Feline Rescue volunteers try to also keep their interests in mind when rescuing and placing their more adoptable kittens.  
Oneida had five kittens outside in the spring. Kind neighbors kept them fed and were eventually able to catch the whole family and care for them until a foster home could be found. 

Oneida’s four boys have all been adopted (two by two), and now she is hoping to find a forever home with her kitten Emily. Emily was the only girl in her litter and happened to be the shyest and most independent of the bunch. She is a pretty Siamese-tabby mix.

Oneida is a sweet cat but a good and protective mother, so earning her trust takes patience and understanding. Luckily she found Bree, a volunteer who has successfully fostered many untrusting cats rescued through Feline Rescue’s outreach program. These shy kitties are just as deserving of good homes as any other cat. Here’s an update on Oneida and Emily (also called Mama Cat and Baby Cat) from Bree:

“The cats are doing well. They are both eating off my lap now as you can see in the pictures. Mama cat is still hesitant to eat but she slowly makes her way over. Baby cat is totally comfortable with it. I can pet her during feeding time but I can't pet Mama [yet]. They both have big appetites. 

They are both scared of my hands, although I bent down to pet baby last night and it was like it felt good, but then once she realized it was me petting her she got a little scared.   


They are both playful, baby more so than mama. She will play with toys and also feather wands, I always find small things in my sink that she must have been playing with on the vanity. She and mama and [my cat] Felix will all play "hide and pounce" around the couch, it's pretty cute. 

Baby will often come upstairs with Felix and me when I go to bed, although she hangs out in the other room.

I think both are making good progress. Both started out terrified in their crate when they saw me, but now they are running around the house. Mama cat used to not even want to be in the same room with me without hiding, but she will now eat in the same room as long as it looks like I'm not coming towards her. She does hiss a lot at me, but she's not mean, I think I will hear less of it as she becomes more comfortable. “

With more persistence, scheduled lap-time meals, treats, and toys, Emily and Oneida will continue making progress and are sure to find just the right patient and understanding family someday. If you are interested in adopting them email


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  2. Thank you Bree for your patience and kindness. Molly thank you for believing in them and your thoughtfulness in naming them Oneida and Emily. I feel confident they will find a forever home together.


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