Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown go home TOGETHER

The story of Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown is special in so many ways.

It's special because Lucy took on first one and then another kitten after losing her own and being spayed. It's also special because several organizations worked together to create this family and save the lives of all three of them. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was there to take in newborn Linus when he was all alone in the world and they rescued poor Lucy who had been abandoned at a dump. The Animal Humane Society provided their initial medical care at a very timely clinic in Red Lake. Feline Rescue's foster caregivers stepped up to take in Lucy & Linus and, five weeks later, little Charlie, too, when he was given away from his mother far too soon.

Now it's special because this family of unrelated cats has found a home where they can live together forever!
Just over a week ago, a wonderful family was looking for a pair of kittens. They were interested in Linus & Charlie Brown, but when they heard the story of how Lucy took over mothering the kittens, they decided that their hearts and their home had room for all three. They knew it was harder to adopt out adult cats, like Lucy, even though the kittens will be adults in just a few months, too.

So how is it going? Check out the two reports I have received so far and the photos...

Hi Denise,

Thanks for the info. We're off to a crazy busy week at our house, but the cats all seem to be settling in well.

Lucy is her sweet, calm, observant self. She seems always affectionate and is constantly nonchalantly watching her boys.

Linus is still a bit skittish, but no longer hiding under chairs and tables. He's actually the one who keeps hopping up on the kitchen counter (only to be gently removed!)

Charlie is hysterical. He can't seem to figure out what he wants to play with or who he wants to love, so he just does it all sequentially for a few brief moments.

They seem to be such a well-mannered bunch. We left them free to roam the house last night figuring we'd have to get up and shut them up sometime in the middle of the night. But apparently, after a few small kitty stampedes, they all settled down and pretty much slept 'til we got up at 6:00. They adjusted quite quickly to the house, and, so far, are happily using the scratching posts and litter boxes very appropriately.

I think I got a few good pictures tonight, but will have to wait 'til later in the week to send them to you.

Thanks, C.

Hi Denise,

We're doing great! All 3 kitties now seem to be part of the family. As Ch. says, "They've decided to become lap cats surprisingly quickly."

Linus seems to have lost his skittishness -- he actually seeks out J. (our 11 year old) to snuggle with her. He also is the most devious now about hopping up on the counters. He waits 'til we walk from the kitchen toward the family room and then jumps up to investigate. When he sees us headed for the squirt bottle, he jumps down and pretends he was never there.

Charlie is still the most insistent on affection. He squeezes himself between any person and the cat they are currently petting. He is a funny, loving kitten with a very short attention span! And he seemed very in tune with the fact that J. was sick this weekend and feeling very sad. He planted himself on her lap most of the weekend.

Lucy is her usual sweet self. She has spent most of the week sleeping on our bed, but she comes down to greet us when we get home, and she grooms her boys occasionally. She seems to like time away from Linus and Charlie, though I noticed she was still letting them nurse as late as this weekend.

They are surprisingly well behaved. We haven't had any issues with them trying to get outside. We do feel lucky to have them in our family!

I am attaching a few photos I thought you might like.

Thanks, C.


  1. I love this story! I'm so happy for them. I wish more people could open their hearts and homes to adopting a mama cat with her kittens. The photo of all three of them together is priceless.

  2. You look like little nested Russian doll cats! You are so cute.

    Thank you for your submission.


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