Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown

This amazing family is ready for adoption. Do you remember their story? Linus was turned in as a newborn kitten to a spay/neuter clinic at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with no mother or siblings. Lucy was retrieved from a dump and turned out to be a lactating female without her kittens. The two were put together and Lucy immediately adopted Linus. She had so much milk, we weren't sure Linus would ever get his big belly off the ground to walk!

Weeks later, Feline Rescue got a call from a woman whose daughter brought home a kitten much too small to be away from its mother. We thought of Lucy again, but this kitten was barely three weeks old and by then Linus was five weeks old. Lucy hesitated about taking on another kitten, but Linus was thrilled to have a brother to play with and within a day Lucy was caring for Charlie Brown as her own, too. The most amazing thing to me is that Lucy was actually spayed at the Red Lake clinic before she took on either of these boys. What a great mom!

The boys are 3-4 months old now and they are actually a little hard to tell apart in size or appearance. They are beautiful energetic brown tabbies, but Linus has white feet like his gray tabby mom. These boys would love to find a home together. They both need another kitten with whom to burn off energy and why not each other! No adjustment time. Both love some lap time when they decide to take a break.

Lucy could certainly go to a home with her boys. I actually think she has been a little depressed since they don't need her any more. She isn't happy with the other cats in the foster home and would love to be the center of attention as an only cat, too. She absolutely adores petting and was the favorite of a young girl who visited and carried her all over the house and slept with her. She is a solid, powerful-looking female with the most expressive big green eyes you've ever seen. She deserves a fabulous home for as sweet as she is and for saving the lives of the boys.

Come meet the whole family at the Feline Rescue Foster Cat Adoption at Petco in Roseville this Saturday (9/20) from 11am to 2pm or call to meet them in their foster home. See them on Petfinder.com, too: Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown.


  1. The first photo of Lucy showing off her belly with the two boys is just way too cute. They all deserve very special homes and hopefully together.

  2. Their story is so amazing, it would be so wonderful if they could stay together!


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