Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Grunty" McCoyd

McCoyd, affectionately now named Grunty, has a wonderful new home, new family, and new friend Poe.

"Grunty" McCoyd

I wanted to thank you ladies and everyone at the shelter for helping us find and in adopting McCoyd. We've had him for just nearly a week so far but everything is going very well. We let him have free reign of the apartment with our resident cat, Poe, Monday evening and now they quickly seem to be becoming best friends!

We nicknamed him "Grunty" because of the little grunts he makes so frequently, that and it's a cute reference to a cartoon character we like. He's very sweet and cuddly. Brian is happy to see that he's a bit of a snuggler and lap cat, which Poe definately is not.

Attached are some photos and more to come later on as well :)

Thank you!
Megan & Brian
McCoyd and Poe's first introductions
McCoyd and Poe playing

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