Sunday, December 13, 2009

Waiting Patiently for Homes

I'm always happy when I get to the shelter for my weekly volunteer shift to find that lots of cats have been adopted during the week. In the last couple of weeks, many cats including Zeda, Jocelyn, Mitzy, Reidar, Tuffy, and Donna all went to their new homes!

When you adopt a Feline Rescue cat you are supporting a caring, no-kill rescue group. You don't have to feel pressured when deciding who to adopt, because all of our cats have a safe home here with us until they find the perfect forever home—whether that be with you or with somebody else. No matter which cat you adopt from Feline Rescue, you are making room here for one more homeless cat!

Still, there’s no question that some cats find their forever homes much more quickly than others.
At the Feline Rescue Adoption Center, we have a number of wonderful cats who have been patiently enjoying extended stays here at the shelter but would LOVE to find forever homes soon! Here are a few of our overlooked cats:

Brothers Patrick and Connor enjoy the company of other cats and get along well with just about everyone here. They can be a little skittish but like attention and love to play! They would do especially well if they went to a home together.

Fonzie is a riot. Be sure to check out his video to see the Fonz in action! Fonzie would do well as an only cat but also gets along with many less dominant cats.


Tomasita wants to be your best friend but has trouble telling you with all these other cats in the room. She is anxious around other cats and will be able to relax once she has a home and people to call her own. Tomasita has a lively, outgoing personality.

This sweet, little girl is one of our more senior residents. Raja doesn’t like other cats but would thrive in a home of her own. She enjoys warm laps and sleeping in the sun. And Raja would love to show you how she can still jump around and play like a kitten!

Sonny gets nervous around other cats, so life at the shelter is stressful for him. Sonny is a sweet lap cat who would be thrilled if someone would finally take him home and give him a chance to show what a good boy he can be!

If you're interested in learning more about any of these cats, please stop by the
Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3.

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  1. These are all great cats. I especially wish Connor and Patrick could find a home for the holidays.


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