Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Christmas Wish

My name is Benjamin.  I found my way to Feline Rescue last April.  I was in pretty rough shape – my eye was injured and my tail was broken.  But Feline Rescue got me all fixed up.  My foster mom gave me her bedroom so that I could recuperate.  My foster mom bought me lots of toys so that I could practice having only one eye.  I was feeling better in no time at all.

A couple weeks later, my foster mom introduced me to Claude and Pumpkin. My foster mom told me that we had to teach Pumpkin and Claude what it’s like to have lots of attention and love.  So we played and snuggled a lot.

My foster mom said that we had to pay particular attention to Claude, because he was really scared.  She said that we just had to give Claude some time.  Claude seems to really look up to me, so I decided to show him exactly how a cat should behave.  For instance, I always crawl onto my foster mom’s lap.  And it’s really important to purr as much as possible.

Before we knew it, Claude was getting braver and braver.  These days, he will come up to my foster mom for just a second, and then run away.  But he always stays close by.  We are very proud of him.

And Pumpkin is such a handsome boy – sometimes I’m a little jealous of his beautiful, dark-orange fur.  Pumpkin really likes me, too – he always wants to lie next to me.  But I don’t mind all the attention, because I have really grown to love Pumpkin and Claude.

I can’t imagine my life without Pumpkin and Claude.  I know that it might sound like three cats is a lot, but we really don’t take up that much space – oftentimes, we sleep together on one chair.  My foster mom loves having us in her home, but I don’t think her cat, Sunny, feels the same way.  We can’t wait to find our forever home – together.

We hope that you will open your heart and home to us.

Benjamin's wish shared by his foster caregiver, Stacy.


  1. I love this story!

    Friendly kitties can be great role models for the shy and scared ones by showing them it's ok to trust people. I'm glad these three found each other (and Stacy)!

    Three cats is the perfect number and no extra trouble at all, particularly when they are already bonded. They will keep each other entertained and always have a friend to snuggle with when you're not around. And when you are around, you'll always have at least one to snuggle with too!

    I hope these three friends find a home together soon!

  2. I *really, really* wish I could have all three, but we have three cats now and my mother's allergies have been getting worse and worse.

    I pray that these lovely kitties get their Christmas wish very soon!

    -- Elizabeth Harrington


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