Friday, April 23, 2010

Become Howard the Cat's Facebook Friend

Howard's mom, Robin, adopted Howard (formerly Grey Schma) and his best buddy in the world, Baloo (formerly Jack-O), from Feline Rescue about a year ago. And she hasn't had a dull moment ever since!

Howard’s Facebook profile picture

We posted previously about Howard and Baloo's blog, see Big, Fat Cat Update, and now Howard has his very own Facebook page.  The posts are from Howard's own words and thoughts about life, his observations, and dealing with (or, in a lot of cases, tattling on) his brother Baloo. It's so much fun to read about Baloo's antics, from Howard's perspective. Howard is certainly a very patient and tolerant best buddy. Become Howard's friend today. He needs all the sympathetic ears he can gather! Just send a friend request to Howard Holland.

He's sitting on me! Actually sitting on me. I was here first!
Okay, so I'm not using the perch for the proper purpose but he's sitting on me!

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