Monday, February 16, 2009

Big, Fat Cat Update

Two sweet big guys, Jacko and Gray Schma, were adopted from our shelter last month.  Their new mom sent the following update and for more stories about the two of them, now named Baloo and Howard, she invited us to visit their blog at  The blog is in Nantuckat under Catsachusetts.

To give you a more precise description of how they're doing - wonderfully. They are happy. They are incredibly funny. We are constantly amazed at what they're learning and how they're progressing. They're still a bit skiddish but they're working on their own in their own ways to overcome that. 
Baloo (aka Jacko) does seek the most comfort in doing whatever Howard is doing but he's learning to do things on his own. He likes food. He goes where the food is. He even walked into the kitchen tonight as I was cooking dinner. Sounds spooked him so he would start to dart out of the room. I would call him back in a soothing tone and he would calm down.  He really wanted to be with me so he was willing to ignore the spooky sounds.
Howard (aka Grey) likes to play. He's the adventurous one. He likes our daily routine of playing with Superballs. He chatters up a storm at me when he wants to play. He's constantly seeking out places where he can be alone  - away from Baloo, that is. He curls up with Baloo a lot but you can tell he just wants his own space. First, he found our bed. A day later, Baloo found our bed. Then Howard found "the cave." A couple days later, Baloo found the cave. His new Howard spot is a cushy blanket in front of the heat vent. I make sure to give him daily "Howard time." He loves his friend Baloo but he really does want to be noticed individually. I get him purring several times a day. 
At night, Baloo sleeps either with his face on my cheek or with his head on my pillow. Howard sleeps curled up next to me. Both like to explore the house at night. I wake up many times to hear balls rolling across the hardwood floors. It makes me giggle. Baloo practices his Superball game at night. He wants to get good so he can join in one day. They're happy. They purr a lot. They're getting used to routine (and picking the parts they like best).

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