Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on Juliet and kids

Sometimes it's hard to place the mother cat after her kittens have found their homes, but Juliet went to a home along with two of her kittens! Remember the chubby sausage kittens?

My mother recently adopted Bonnie from Feline Rescue. What a sweet personality Bonnie has! I can already see that Bonnie and my mom are a great match and are going to be very happy together.

Mom said I should send along an update and recent photo of Mama, Jack
and Lily (formerly Juliet, Jake and Judy adopted Feline Rescue foster care).
Mama is a great mother to her kids and is now three years old. Jack and Lily are now two. As you can see from the photo, they are healthy and getting along quite well. All three of them enjoy playing chase and hide n' seek.

JACK & LILYDuring one game of chase last fall, Jack was chasing Lily through the house, both were at full speed when Lily jumped into an open window knocking out the screen and landing in a soft bed of mulch ten feet below. It's always something with these kids but we love them.

All three are great cats. They make us laugh every day and we enjoy spoiling them.

K & K

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