Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grunty and Poe

We received another fun update, complete with photo and video, about former Feline Rescue kitty Grunty (fka McCoyd) and his good friend Poe.


Last year my husband, Brian, and I adopted two adorable young cats. We adopted Edgar Allen Poe from the Chuck & Don's store in Shakopee around May last year. The adoption is run by Last Hope Inc, so I just wanted to thank you both for taking care of him and helping us find him :) We call him "Poe" for short now, and he's a darling. He pretends to be a very independent cat, but he's really quite the lover, he's been quite the lap cat lately and loves to play with his buddy Grunty.

We adopted "Grunty", previously named McCoyd, from Feline Rescue in St. Paul in September last year. He was pretty overweight, and while he is still a fairly round cat, we're glad to say that he's very energetic and happy. He and Poe play around our apartment all the time. Although he still "burrs" and "grunts" constantly, and he still loves to beg for food. Any time I'm in the kitchen I just know that he's there underfoot, rolling around doing his best to look cute in case someone wants to drop him a treat. When he wants attention he really lets you know it, he'll jump up to wherever you are and give you a good nudge until you pay him some attention :)

I have posted a cute video of them playing on Saturday:

And attached a recent picture of them sleeping soundly all snuggled up together :)

Thank you :)
Megan & Brian

Can't say too many times how much Feline Rescue volunteers love updates. Thank you!!

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