Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Juliet and the sausage kittens

March 1, 2007, during a blizzard, my foster cat Juliet gave birth to six healthy kittens.

They grew quickly and their round stomachs were too much for their tiny legs to carry so we called this group of kittens the sausages.

There were four black kittens. The twins, Jig & Jag, who were the first to be adopted. Jelly & Java, the boldest and shyest, were finally adopted together to someone who understands and appreciates them both; and Jake, a surprise brown tabby, and Judy, the only gray kitten who is the spittin' image of her beautiful mom.

Momma Juliet was adopted with Jake and Judy and the three are much loved and inseparable in their new home. We LOVE when our momma cats can go to a new home with at least one of their kittens. Too often the moms have a long wait after the kittens are gone even though in a few short months, they are all the same size.

Mother and daughter -- Can you tell?

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  1. Jelly and Java (now Georgie) are really enjoying the spring weather and love having the windows open so they can smell and hear as well as see the work the squirrels and birds are doing. Georgie is getting quite bold, and though she will never be as confident as Jelly (few beings on earth ever will be) she is quite comfortable now. They have made my house a home.


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