Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cat Companions

It's interesting to see so many different cats interacting with each other here at the adoption center. A few of our cats would prefer to be only cats. But many enjoy having other cats around. Currently, we have lots of active, young cats who love to play and snuggle with each other. Now is a great time to visit the adoption center if you're looking for a pair of friendly cats (to keep each other entertained while you are away). Or if you're looking for a new cat to be a companion for a cat you already have, one of these cat-friendly guys might be just what your family needs!

Samuel Jones is one cat that just LOVES other cats.

He would love to find a home with another cat that would like to romp around with him! Here he is up to fun-and-games with his friend Otto.

Other cats who like other cats include:

And of course, Pumpkin

To meet these cats and more of their friends, stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext. 3

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