Monday, July 26, 2010

Amélie and Toulouse Home Together

Toulouse, fka Pierre a little orphaned kitten brought into foster care in June, and Amélie, fka Genevieve, went home together this past weekend so Toulouse will always have a good kitty friend. Their mom already sent a glowing update.

I just wanted to let you both know that the kittens are doing so well! I've renamed them Amélie (Genevieve) and Toulouse (Pierre), and they seem to have settled in quickly. They both love sitting on the back of my couch or in my papasan chair. Amélie and Toulouse have been following me everywhere, but once I'm stationary for a bit, they go back to running around the house. Amélie's favourite toys seem to be the laser pointer and crinkly little balls, and she makes it almost impossible for me to do any work on my computer. She is also a purring machine! Toulouse likes to capture his toys and hide them under my bed, and runs all over the place unless he's napping on the couch. They're both hilarious to watch when they're playing, and completely adorable when they nap together. They're both very sweet and cuddly with me, too, unless my feet are under a blanket.

Health-wise: eating very well and using the litterbox. They're both very spunky and energetic, too!

I attached a few pictures, it's easiest to get pics when they're sleeping. :) Most of my phone is filled with adorable blurs. I'll send you better pictures when I use my actual camera!

Thanks so much for everything, I'll keep you posted!


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