Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nelson celebrates his 3rd birthday

Nelson -- originally known as Chip -- was one of my group of brown tabby-striped foster kittens known as the Chipmunks. His adopter recently sent an update
I just wanted to drop you a quick line because Nelson was 3 years old June 1st. Wow how time flies! It seems just like yesterday that I adopted him from Feline Rescue.

I dressed him up in his best tie and collar for a photo, however he was not so keen on the whole idea. He is thriving, still dashing about like a kitten, and talks to me constantly. He still enjoys batting any round fruit off our counter and slapping it about the kitchen.

He has really mellowed out since his younger escapades. He now will sleep right beside me on the couch, has to take naps with me on weekends, and always has to be in the bathroom with anyone who uses it. He has turned into a "leaner". He does not want to be on me, but always has to be leaning up against me when he is sitting next to me on the couch.

He's a very loving boy and we just love him! Thanks again to you and Feline Rescue for giving me the gift of this little guy!


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