Sunday, July 25, 2010

Madison & Dolly

I was so pleased to get an update on a former Feline Rescue foster and shelter cat named Madison. Madison's adult kitten, Dolly, is a permanent family member with another Feline Rescue foster caregiver. Check out the family resemblance!

MADISONMadison (also known as Maddie) rules the house and I really don't care. I mean she is so cute doing it and you really don't catch on until it's too late.

Mad's birthday is 6 days away (the day I got her). She is going to be 3 years old, but she still acts like a kitten.

I really can't think what to give her for her birthday, she has a lot of toys (even tops from water bottles) and a kitty condo.

Mad just loves the AC blowing on her; it could only the fan running as long as it is blowing. She looks like a dog with its head out the window -- just so cute.

I even got some books on Maine Coon cats and a Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, which is a must for all cat owners.

I'm including some pictures of Madison so you can see her in all her glory.

J~ and Maddie


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  1. Madison is gorgeous! She might like to know that my Maude also loves water bottle caps. Toys all over everywhere - and the cat is rolling in glee with a bottle cap. Why don't you just get her some more water bottle tops for her birthday? Happy birthday, Madison!


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