Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harley and Sebatian - Loving Their Home

If you made it to our holiday boutique you may have seen some of the cute (and popular) bird toys and potholders donated by Harley's and Sebastian's mom and grandma. Their mom also sent some more photos and update for the boys. These handsome boys look quite relaxed and happy in their home.  Most likely a contributing factor is that they have all the handmade catnip bird toys they could ever want :)

Harley (fka Jerod) and Sebastian (fka Ryan) are having some quiet time right now, which is rare. They are such a joy to have in my home. I am so glad I adopted them, and that they both seem to have adopted me.

Harley is a total clown, always running, playing, and flopping around - he loves to watch the rabbits, squirrels and birds that are in the neighborhood as well. Sebastian is the ambassador of the house, he greets people at the door and will be anyone's friend if he can get a
warm lap out of the deal.

They both like to lounge around belly-up while they nap. I've never met a cat who is as trusting as these two when it comes to showing off their bellies. They truly are the best housemates I could ask for, and I hope the three of us will have many many years together!

I've attached some photos for you, too. A couple in their favorite napping spot - the blanket chest by the bay window, two more in the Ikea chair I *clearly* bought for them, and Harley up on the wall between my kitchen and living room.

Thanks so much for the work you and the other volunteers do.

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