Monday, December 13, 2010

Nicky - Home for the Holidays

Cora, fka Nicky, was recently adopted and is already settled in with her new family.

Nicky, now Cora, is already settling in. She was first in the bathroom until she used the litter box. Now she is currently in the guest bedroom. She is eating and drinking well, discovered the comfort of one of the cat beds I put with her, and has been playing with toys. Mel has seen her twice, once in the carrier, and once while I held him and opened the bathroom door... he just meowed at her. I am attaching a couple of pictures of her that I thought you might enjoy. Thank you so much, she is going to bring Mel and I a lot of joy.

And another update just a couple days later...

She is out of her room today, nose to nose with her brother Mel and really investigating her new surroundings. She is a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much for letting her into our lives.

Nancy, Mel, and Cora

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