Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home at Last

Two of Cleopatra's eight babies River and Kaylee (formerly Nonnie and Trudy), found their home July 9 and are currently "Rulers of their Domain" according to their new family.

River and Kaylee


River and Kaylee exemplify Feline Rescue's commitment to never giving up on finding homes for their cats even if it takes a year or more. These beautiful girls were born in a foster home June of 2010, grew up in their foster home, and then cared for at Feline Rescue's shelter until they found their forever home.

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  1. As I write, River is sitting across the back of the chair behind my head watching my 14-year-old play Guitar Hero. (Actually watching... she seems to find the finger movements fascinating.) Kaylee is asleep curled up with my 5-year-old daughter on her bed. Echo, the previously resident cat, is napping a room away with the door open.

    Thank you, Feline Rescue, for nurturing River and Kaylee until we could find one another! The girls are valued members of our family.


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