Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sprite and Tik Tak Update

Sprite and Tik Tak found their home recently.  Being black kitties it took them a little longer to find their family even though they are laid back, cuddly, very fun boys.

Tik Tak and Sprite are adapting well. We are so glad to have them. They love the sink and often drink out of it together. Mikayla doesn't mind turning it on for them either.

They like their toys and we are so thankful for the blankets they have helped us adapt the cats into their new home. Tik Tak has warmed up to Mikayla more then the rest of us and Sprite just loves anyone who plays with him. We are so glad we didn't separate them, they are such a great pair. They wrestle and chase and clean and play together so well.

Many thanks,
The Kendalls

1 comment:

  1. Yeah - kittens adopted in pairs - and pairs of house panthers!!!


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