Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pairs of Kittens

Etta and Brutus

The best way to adopt kittens is in pairs. They'll have a wrestle buddy and a cuddle buddy. Twiggy's babies are just about ready to go home and would love to go in pairs.

Etta and Norah, Winston and Tink, Louie and Brutus

Bette and Etta

Brutus and Winston

Bette and Norah

Etta and Norah

Louie and Madeline

Bette and Tink

Louie and Bette have already been spoken for. If you are interested in learning more about Twiggy's other six kittens, please call 651-705-6264.


  1. Those are some sweet babies!! I love the jumping action shot! Hope they all find good homes. :)

  2. What beautiful kittens! Great work on your blog! With those amazing pictures I am sure you will find them homes in no time! How could anyone resist two adorable rolly-polly fluff balls? :)



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