Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Lolly

Lolly spent longer than normal at the vet when initially rescued but finally moved to a foster home last week.

From Lolly's foster caregiver:
Oh, the fun of trying to capture black kitties on film! Doing video on a black chair was a long shot, but she was being mellow and sweet, so I had to try. Both of these show she doesn't have an infected eye anymore, though! Lolly is playful, purry and very happy. She says "thanks for taking me to the doctor and getting me well!"

Even better she will be joined in her foster home soon by two of her siblings. All 3 kittens should be then be ready to find their forever homes soon.


  1. We're taking Lolly home a week from Saturday and I can't wait! She's so smart and adorable.

    Thanks to everyone at Feline Rescue for being so helpful and professional.

  2. We're adopting Lolly and can't wait to take her home a week from Saturday!

    I'm so impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of Feline Rescue. They care a lot about their cats and making sure they find the best homes possible.


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