Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Callie (Twiggy) and Etta

Momma cat, Callie aka Twiggy, and her daughter Ella have found a forever home together! Callie had eight babies and it is so great that she was able to be with one of her kittens since as you can see from the update from their family, they love each other's companionship.

Hi there,

Oh my! What a weekend we’ve had. It’s been SO much fun! The girlies have made themselves purr-fectly at home already. They’re eating well, and Callie has only coughed a few times. They are adorable. We’ve all fallen in love with them. Etta is definitely the more playful of the two. Callie seems a bit skittish yet. They’re purr machines. Callie will come up to you on her own, and sit there, just out of reach, and purr, but does not like too much handling yet. They both “talk” to us when we talk to them. So cute!

Some pics attached of their favorite spot to roost, watching the chipmunks & squirrels on the deck, and the birds flying around. (Hard to get good pics, cuz they blink at the flash.)


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  1. YEAH!!! Concats on the adoption and thanks for the good news!


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