Monday, August 8, 2011

Message from AJ and Pixie

Dear Feline Rescue,
We thought you would like an updated photo of us. We can't believe we have been with Mommy for so long. We regularly keep in touch with our "Aunty Denise", our foster mom. We send her pictures and letters to keep her updated on our adventures.
Anyway, here is a picture of us. I'm on the left. My name is AJ, named after AJ Pierzynski. Mommy says I'm just like him, always in trouble. My big sister Pixie is on the right. She will be 7 in September, and I will be 6 in November. Mommy bought these pillows for the couch, but we claimed them for ourselves. Mommy keeps threatening to trade us in for other kitties on your web site, but we know she never will. We love to chase the laser dot, and Mommy bought us bubbles that she blows for us to chase and pop. I love doing that, but Pixie just watches them float down.
Give the kitties their treats for us.
AJ and Pixie

Thank you AJ and Pixie! Keep those updates coming, we can't get enough happy stories.

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