Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Girls in Their New Home

Sweet update received for Marmalade and Cami fka Angelica and Aggie aka Sandi Patti and Sugar Baby. Lots of names for these little girls as they moved from one foster home to another and now in their forever home.

Cami, Smudge (new big sister) and Marmalade

The kittens are having a great time. I think they love the wood floors the most because everything they decide to play with rolls so much farther. They scamper and roam the upstairs now when they're not snuggly napping with their big sister Smudge. The attached picture shows all of them together on my daughters bed.

We have renamed them. The orange tabby is now Marmalade and her sister is Cami because we all thought her colored fur looked just like the forest floor camouflage that my husband wore in the army. They seem to like the names and are responding to them when we call.

Thanks for giving them such a great start. They have truly completed our home.

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