Friday, August 5, 2011

Mom, Son and Daughter Adopted Together!

One of our favorite adoptions is when momma cat finds a home with some of her kittens. We are so happy that Clara Beth has found a home with her daughter Rue fka Amy Jo and her son Fennec fka Grant.

We've already received wonderful updates for this kitty family from their family. Margaret, one of the daughters in their new family, is keeping us well supplied with great photos and stories. Following are some of Margaret's updates:

Pictures of them in their new home! Grant (aka "Cooper" -- still unofficial!) adapted very well, and loves the new toys and attention. Clara (aka "Katniss" --also unofficial) took awhile to warm up, but she warmed up quite a bit faster than we all expected her to. She spends most of her time cuddling with and grooming Amy Jo (aka "Rue" -- unofficial). When Amy Jo first arrived, I put her in a litter box, as she'd pooped in the kitty carrier, and she just stayed in there, shaking. But I sat next to her, and petted her, and soon enough, she got out. She follows Clara wherever she goes! Hope all of the pictures turn out!

The kittens are a joy to have around! Clara (we decided to keep her name as it is) is so playful! She and Grant (or Cooper or Fennec or Mouse) often play together, competing for the same toy. Rue (finally official!) sticks by Mama a lot, but she came and sat with me today while I read, and she loves to jump in and out of the shower. She is definitely our little explorer...and our escape artist; she got out of her kitty-friendly room to explore our back hall and closet!

My cousin, Jonathan, took some cardboard boxes, and cut doors into them, and hung pom-poms on strings in side them -- they were a huge hit with Grant!

They all sleep on their kitty condo, Grant on one of the ledges, and Clara inside the little house part, and Rue next to Grant or Clara. My dad slept with them last night. I think he is their favorite person now!

Rue loves to play with the laser pointer, and sometimes Fennec joins her. Fennec has a sleep/play/sleep/play schedule, and Clara like to play with all the toys that involve batting things hanging from the air; she also likes to look out the window, cuddle with the kittens, and sleep.

Fennec and Rue LOVE the laser light we got them -- they could spend all day chasing it, I'm sure. All of the kittens have no trouble with extended afternoon naps at all. Clara will sleep, and watch the outside activity through a nearby window, and groom her sleeping kitties.

Clara was in attack mode last night, and made Fennec cry. She was playing a little too rough, but that was probably just from anxiety. We opened up the rest of the house to them for a short while yesterday evening, and they loved it! Clara and Rue found out that they can hide behind the washer and dryer, and it is no small task getting them to come out!
We love them all so much!

Thank you to their new family!

Three of Clara Beth's kittens, Trina Ann, Gabbie Rae and Chase, are still available for adoption. If you'd like to learn more about them please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

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