Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big Al

Big Al's family recently posted a photo of him on the Feline Rescue Facebook page.  So of course we asked for more to share online and we got the following great photos and as a bonus an update.

I adopted Big Al on Jan. 9, 2010, so he's been with me almost 2 years. He made himself at home right away, and he has been a very dear and fun companion. He's got a friendly, outgoing personality, even toward other cats. He was a stray before coming to Feline Rescue, and although he is pretty well socialized, you can see the alley cat in him when there's any kind of food around. We have daily disagreements about who gets to eat my breakfast. It's hard to stay mad at him even when he steals my toast, though, because he is so ready to chase a string or curl up on my lap to snuggle. He is bright eyed, alert and always wants to know what is happening. He has actually adapted to going outside on a leash and taking walks around the neighborhood, which makes a big impression on my neighbors. One time a lady driving by pulled over to tell me I had made her day--she had never seen anyone "walking a cat" before and she thought it was incredibly cool.

The first [set of photos] is from my old apartment, showing Big Al in some of his favorite spots, plus an original shelter photo of him. The other is from the apartment we moved to in September, and shows him exploring the new place. He seems to have settled on the radiator as the best place to hang out. It's right in front of the window, so he has a good view of the birds and squirrels, plus it is nice and warm.

Thanks so much for all you do for kitties in need! I'm glad I had the chance to adopt Big Al; he adds a lot of fun and sweetness to my household.


Thank you Karen!

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