Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Muffin's New German Shepherd Friend

We usually caution people that it can take a week or two or sometimes months before a new kitty feels comfortable around other animals in their home.  But in less than a week former Feline Rescue foster kitten Muffin has gone from scared and unsure of his new canine family member Saski to sleeping and playing together.

A little play by play from Muffin's family...

We've tried to introduce the two animals but Muffin is quite scared of Saskia. Hopefully in time he will realize Saski is no threat and will become friends.

Well Muffin is acting more and more relaxed, even purring in my lap with Saski in the room. Saski keeps her distance and is being very patient. It's beginning to look hopeful.

Just returned from my trip. while I was gone, the kitten has become completely tolerant of Saski, to the point where it appears that Saski has him in her mouth or totally under her big paws, and the cat just accepts this and playfully bites and paws at her nose! I honestly can't believe it. They are sleeping together on the bed with Sara at night. The kitten is a little ninja, very fast, Saski gives chase and he is fearless as well as gentle with her. Amazing.

They are becoming best buddies. We decided on the name Boris in honor of Sara's sister's cat, a beautiful black male who died recently.

Thank you to Boris's new family! Always heartwarming to see a former Feline Rescue kitty adapting well in their home.

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