Thursday, November 17, 2011

Muffin and Moxie: out of the cold and into your lap

Did you know that many kittens who are “born feral” are easy to socialize and can become great pets? It’s important to plan ahead before trapping a stray cat though. The Alley Cat Allies website has step-by-step tips to help you take the right action at the right time.

Muffin and Moxie were rescued through Feline Rescue's Spay-Neuter-Outreach Program as part of a trap-neuter-release project when they were three and four months old. Scared at first, these well-socialized girls are now sweet lap cats who love their indoor lifestyle. They are active, outgoing, and adorable kittens. And Muffin and Moxie are now looking for a forever home!

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  1. Mom used the Alley Cat Allies articles to socialize our memorial day kittens. Who would have guessed that an older neutered male cat would help socialize feral kittens?? And yet they LOVED Tim and he was a big help!! Congrats to the girls and we hope they find their homes soon...


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