Friday, November 18, 2011

Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo is a special guy with special needs who found his forever home a little over a year and half ago. We recently received the following wonderful update from his family.

Magoo, Summer 2011

Hello- just wanted to share some pictures with you of my Mr. Magoo who I adopted from you in April 2010. You probably recall that Mr. Magoo was found on the street by himself as a very young kitten. He has very limited vision and requires daily eye treatments. After fostering, he came in to my home one month after I lost my senior cat Toby to a brain tumor. Magoo wins the hearts of all who meet him...he is mischievous, funny and has rituals that bring a lot of laughter into this home. He is great friends w/ 10 year old Oliver who is making a miraculous recovery from lymphoma of the intestine. Lily tolerates that she is deaf she finds him less annoying. He is oblivious to her rebuffs and occupies his time by himself if Oliver is sleeping.

Magoo and Oliver, Summer 2011

Thank you for the wonderful work you do which resulted in such a beautiful match up with Magoo in my home.


Thank you Kathy for providing a home for Mr. Magoo!

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