Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cats of the Week: Patrick and Connor

Patrick and Connor. Connor and Patrick. Yes, these two boys are a team, and they are very best friends. You can tell this as they brush against each other in passing, as they spend time playing together in their room, as they are simply so comfortable with each other.

Brothers Patrick and Connor were left on the shelter’s doorstep as little ones several years ago. They experienced life together before the shelter, continue to share experiences now, and would like to stay together to remain happy.

Patrick and Connor would prefer to live in a home without small children. They prefer to approach their people for affection, rather than the other way around. Both are mellow, gentle, and quiet fellows . Patrick loves showing off his big tummy while lying on a rug or blanket on the floor: one of his favorite things to do. A scratch on the head is sheer heaven for Patrick.

Connor also enjoys slipping up close to someone he likes, desiring that wonderful scratch on his head. He also loves a friendly glance when he’s curled up in a favorite bed: just something to let him know he is cherished. These guys also love to chase a wand toy or fuzzy mouse.

Although both are handsome, the boys certainly don’t look alike. Whereas Patrick sports substantial girth and is an orange tabby with attractive white patches, Connor has a sleeker, more athletic physique and his coloring is a soft gray with very faint dilute stripes. They do have similar white stripes on their noses, white bibs, and white markings on their feet and back legs.

Patrick and Connor are used to living with other cats and are very accommodating to other personalities. Connor, especially, is known as a peacemaker at the adoption center. They both make friends easily so would do well either living with other cats or just the two of them.

If you are seeking feline companions who don’t require great amounts of play and stimulation, who would be content snoozing together and exploring their environment in a gentlemanly manner, these two fellows could be a perfect match for you. In turn, they would appreciate someone who is willing to allow them time to settle into their new home in their own quiet way. The result: two lovely boys who would add grace, dignity, and excitement to your home.

To meet Connor and Patrick, stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3 for more information.

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