Monday, February 13, 2012

Goldy's Home

Goldy was dumped at our shelter with a broken leg last fall. He spent time recovering in his foster home.

Following is the most recent update from his foster home shortly before he found his forever home:

He still walks and runs kind of wobbly sometimes (and looks like a slinky when he comes down the stairs, with his back legs getting ahead or coming around him!), but the people at [the clinic] say he will probably never really walk or run like a normal cat. But he seems happy and healthy otherwise!

And the update from his new family indicates he certainly is doing just fine and is very happy in his home.

Here is the news on Goldy:

We all love him! He is so tolerant with the kids, which is refreshing because our other kitty, Opal, is the opposite. No fights with Opal. A couple hisses the first day but other than that they have warmed up to each other nicely already. Not exactly snuggling together yet, but it seems like they are on their way to being best friends. In the picture where the two cats are pretty close they had been playing together and Goldy was purring the whole time. Yeah! Thanks again for caring for him, we really appreciate all of the time and energy you put into fostering.

Thank you to Goldy's foster caregivers and his new family for taking care of this special guy!

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