Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clara Cuddled Into Her New Home

Clara, now named Shelby, moved into a home about a month ago where there was already a resident kitty. Introducing two adult cats to each other can take time and fortunately Shelby's family is letting the two kitties make that adjustment slowly. In the meantime Shelby, from her most recent update and photo, is obviously enjoying her new family.

She is slowly getting settled in. The two cats are getting used to each other and making progress - some days are tough - but moving forward finally. Still some hissing and such - but doing better around each other and can be in the same room together - just not super close to each other yet. But it is getting better. Just trying to give them both lots of love and give them each some time apart too.

Tonight I came home and everyone else was in bed so I was trying to find Shelby before I went to bed to make sure she was doing okay - took me forever to find her - because she was snuggled into the stuffed animals on Ginger's bed- too cute! (attached photo) She loves hanging out in Ginger's room and sleeping on her bed - which Ginger loves.

Anyway - just thought you would love the photo and that we are still working on getting adjusted but slowly getting settled.
Thanks -Kelly

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