Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kitter and Babies Safe in Foster

Earlier this week we were contacted about a momma cat and babies living outside a rural group home.   One of the staff members sent an email asking us for assistance finding a safe place for the family.

This January a very tame, friendly, charismatic female cat showed up and occasionally she was fed by staff. She came and went and initially we thought maybe she was a farm cat from the area but ultimately that didn't seem to be the case. She was very thin at first and quickly put on weight to a point where she became very rotund and I suspected she was pregnant. On March 25th she gave birth in between the a/c unit and the house. Due to the poor location we moved her under a deck and put her and her 4 kittens into a large box with towels for bedding which she took to very well. Unfortunately we can't have pets at the house and therefore are looking for a better home for the mother and kids. We've named her "Kitter" and her 4 babies (the mother has been fed well) are healthy and precocious.

The family was transported to our vet clinic and after charming the clinic staff they are now safe in their foster home charming and entertaining their foster caregivers.

Kitter and her adorable babies will be ready to meet prospective adopters the end of May and should be ready to go home the end of June so check back for more photos as they grow.

Thank you to the staff at this group home for caring enough to feed and shelter Kitter and her babies until she made it into rescue!

Help us prevent unwanted litters and ease the suffering of homeless pets. Spay and Neuter.


  1. so glad this group home did the right thing asking for help and that you had space to give this family a new chance. very cute....


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