Friday, April 27, 2012

Melodi Mars and Noelle Home Together

Melodi Mars and Noelle came into foster care as orphaned kittens who had been found outside alone. Noelle was rescued at just 7 weeks in December and Melodi Mars was found in a box by a garbage can at a local park the beginning of March. Now they are both enjoying the good life with their new family. Following is their most recent update and photos.

Izzy fka Melodi Mars and Noelle

Here is an update regarding the kittens. They are adjusting to living with each other and us nicely. They play chase around the house, wrestle and nip at each other as well as sleep, eat, watch out the windows and groom each other. We have renamed Melodi and now call her Izzy, short for Isabelle. I affectionately refer to her as busy Izzy as she find something to do all the time. Both are responding to their names and will come when called and most of the time their tails are straight up in the air. We are amazed at how well Noelle is doing. She no longer cries at the window or hides (unless she is taking a break from her sister). Her favorite sleeping spots are either with Joe or Amanda on their beds and both say she purrs as she closes her eyes and goes to sleep. Izzy likes to sleep curled up next to me in our bed. If I am unsure of where she is , I "scratch" the side of my mattress and she comes running and jumps on me! They had their first vet visit last week and their nails trimmed. Riding in the car is a little scary still for them but they did a great job.

Warmest Wishes,


Thank you to their new family for giving them a home!

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