Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Box of Nine Update

Another update for three of the Box of Nine from their foster family.

Spectra, Monkey, and Joey (now known as Stewie) are all doing great in their wonderful new homes.


Monkey and Spectra

When they first came to Feline Rescue crammed in a box or found in the shelter parking lot with 6 other kittens back in September 2011, they were small and sickly. They all spent a signficant amount of time with the good people at Larpentuer Animal Hospital and then recuperating at their foster home. All are now happy and healthy!

Spectra and Monkey went to the same home. They were a bit scared at first, but it didn’t take long for them to settle in! Their dad says, “Both cats (especially Monkey) are total 'cat-dogs' for us, which is just awesome! They typically want to be in whatever room the action is happening, unless it's kitty naptime.”

Stewie fka Joey now has an older brother named Ollie. They are getting to know one another and have been caught snuggling! Their mom says he is a cuddler who is always getting into something! She said he is “the light of the house” and “every day is a new adventure with him!”

They are all huge compared to when we first saw them! And looking so healthy! It's been wonderful to be a part of this amazing transformation!

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