Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Tree Kittens

Momma cats are very good at finding safe places for their babies and in the past few years we've rescued kittens from inside trees three times. The latest is this adorable pair, CadBerry and Bunny, rescued at three weeks of age weighing only six ounces.


From their foster mom:
They're both little girls & in honor of the holiday weekend, I named them Bunny and CadBerry (Berry for short).  Their first trip to Larpenteur Animal Hospital was on Friday morning & amazingly, they weren't dehydrated & are in pretty good shape for having been on their own for a while. We already have a feeding routine...they split a 4-ounce bottle of milk-replacement every 3-4 hours. AND, they're accepting a little Baby Cat solid food mixed in their bottles. They're up to 10 ounces each, are lively, lovey & SOOOO funny!!

Berry is more energetic & inquisitive than her sister (at least for now!). She bounces around & is starting to play with tiny toys. Bunny likes to take a nap after she has her bottle, but when she wakes up the girls wrestle & chase each other -- although they tend to fall over frequently from normal kitten instability! And then they take a nap on my lap -- what a joy!

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