Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Piggies

We've been lacking blog posts recently mainly due to one of our bloggers, me, taking in a family with 6 kittens needing to be bottle fed.  They've been keeping me very busy.  Momma cat, Jolie, and babies were pulled from an animal control facility.  Jolie had come into the facility pregnant and was there for almost 2 weeks before giving birth to 6 sweet babies on July 9.  She was there with her babies for almost 2 weeks more before Feline Rescue heard about her and found a foster home to take her.

Jolie was ill and ended up spending a few days at the vet clinic which meant her babies had to be bottle fed around the clock every 4-5 hours.  Once Jolie returned to her foster home they still needed to be bottle fed 4 times daily since Jolie is still recovering and trying to gain some weight.

The babies will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and have received the nickname The Little Piggies as they are eating very well what with formula and momma's milk. They are already all weighing between 13 and 15 ounces.


  1. omg - I love kittens at this stage (ok, I love them at all stages, but still). good for you for helping these kittens....

  2. Cute as a button! Love the lil roly polys! :) And mom looks very sweet!


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