Friday, July 6, 2012

Lucius and Cho!

Ever since their Mama and brother and sister went to their forever homes, Cho and Lucius's personalities have really started to shine!

Of course they have their foster mom's cats to get all of their big kitty love from, but they are still looking for their forever homes!

Lucius used to be the most independent of the kittens and now he follows his foster mom around the house constantly. He loves being held, cuddled and brushed! The second you touch his silky soft fun he starts purring!

Cho used to be shy and quite. Now she loves to play and run around the house pouncing on the big cats! She loves people attention and is a big cuddle bug too!

If you are interested in adopting Cho or Lucius (or both!) please call Joan at 651-705-6264!

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