Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Only Six Days Left!

Only Six (6) Days Left! Last Chance to

Athena and Caprica - two of Laura Roslin's babies

Your chance to Sponsor genuine adorable kittens! And they are cute! And they need you. Just select a little family and donate. Foster parents do the rest. As an "Every Litter Bit Helps" Sponsor, you’ll make sure the little ones can pay for their good food, veterinary care, and a few toys. Of course. Friends of Flicka will match the first $2,000 from Sponsors. Just go to our fundraising page to Sponsor Cuteness.

More cute photos of Laura and her babies


  1. Those are the cutest kittens I have EVER seen! When will they be ready for adoption?

  2. They are! Laura's babies were born the end of May so they will be ready to start meeting potential adoption the middle of August. For more information you can contact me at 651-705-6264.


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