Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Perfect Match for Two Shy Kitties

Minnow and Popcorn are two shy kitties that were helped through our Spay-Neuter-Outreach program and featured on the blog a while back when they were still searching for just the right home.

When she arrived in our foster home, Minnow was very scared.  She was sweet but afraid of strangers, new situations, and other cats.  Then we brought Popcorn home.  Discovered living alone in the Feline Rescue parking lot, Popcorn was afraid to trust people.  Soon these girls were best  friends.  Minnow taught Popcorn to love people, and Popcorn taught Minnow to love another cat.  The girls both became affectionate lap cats and entertained us non-stop with their fun and games.  We couldn't imagine ever separating them.

It was hard to find a home for Minnow and Popcorn, because they always hid when strangers came over.  So we enjoyed their company for almost a year and a half.  We posted cute pictures and videos online of them being their friendly, funny selves.  Finally Colleen called to ask about meeting them.  I explained that while they are the sweetest cats in the world, they would probably just hide when she came over.  And hide they did. But Colleen is a patient and understanding person, and she was able to see potential as the girls peeked out at her from behind the couch.

Poppi and Minnow took some time to adjust to their new home, but now they are doing great!   Having such a wonderful forever home and family was well worth the wait!  There are many great shy kitties still waiting for their forever homes.

An update from Minnow and Poppi's new family:

Poppi has now totally come around, she even is letting my son pet her. After watching her sister get lots of scratches and fur fluffing, she has decided to try it and is a pile of purring jello once you start...  She is the most active. She loves to be within a few feet of whoever is up and about, and is alert to possible crumbs dropping if anyone is in the kitchen.

Minnow stays sleeping most of the day in her special quiet places, but early evening until about 9 or 10 in the morning she is bouncing around looking for attention.

And of course,  the favorite event - Kitty Olympics - starts about 10:30 every night. I sleep through it but my son who is in the basement is amazed at how much noise the two can make. LOL!

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