Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Valentina's Perfect Match

Beatrix fka Valentina found her family a couple years ago and we recently received a touching story from her mom of how they first met and how well she is doing now.

In February 2010 my first cat ever had gotten very ill and on Valentine's Day he had to be put down. This tragic loss left me and my other cat (Toulouse), his best friend, quite shaken and lonely. After grieving for a month I realized that Toulouse had gotten pretty down. He had lost his pomp and spark after the death of his friend. I knew then that it was time to get a new friend for both of us. So, I visited you guys on a lovely March afternoon. A wonderful volunteer (I wish I could remember her name now) showed me around and let me meet each of the cats. They were all so sweet, fun and wonderful, but none of them was MY cat.

As a final stop, she took me to a back room with cats that hadn't been placed in your other rooms yet. There, in a kennel along the wall was Valentina. She had such a sad story (maybe you remember) - someone found her out in the cold and snow in February! She had frostbite on her nose and ear and was not even a year old! The poor thing was just a frail little kitty and afraid of everything. The volunteer told me that she had been having trouble socializing with other cats. When she was let out, she would just hide in her kennel or wherever else she could.

I didn't think I wanted a shy cat, but after hearing her story I had to see her. So they opened up the kennel and sure enough Valentine poked her head out. She was thin, all legs, spine and ribs. Her ear was damaged from the frostbite, as was a bit of her mouth. One of her bottom fangs stuck out, giving her a goofy snaggle tooth, too. But I could see her beauty! She had a lovely tortoise coat with orange stripes across her face and body. Nervously she sniffed me and took a couple steps out of her cage as if she knew I was the one for her.

And that was it! She had to be mine!

Seeing her, so sweet and timid, I had to give her the loving, happy forever-home that she deserved! And of course, when I thought about her and Toulouse meeting, I was sure she would be just the thing to warm him back up. So, I took her home that day and renamed her Beatrix.

At first she was shy - she hid under the blankets in her room the whole first day. But soon, with careful introductions and lots of patience, she bloomed into the most lively, affectionate and energetic cat. She loves to play with little mouse toys - she even learned to play fetch with me! She is bossy when she wants something (is it really dinner time already?) and always greets me with a meow and purr when I come home. Her and Toulouse have become inseparable. They eat, play, sleep and lounge together. She eased his loneliness, and he brought out her personality. Now, during sunny, mid-morning naps, you can hear her purring deeply and he grooms her lazily. It's been over 2 years since then and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

This is my thank-you to the volunteer who helped me and to Feline Recue, Inc in general for all the wonderful work you do. Hopefully this message will reach anyone concerned about adopting a shy, scared or 'damaged' cat and reassure them that patience and love will pay off.

Thank you so much!
Karen (and Beatrix and Toulouse!)

Thank you Karen!


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