Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sadie Petunia

Sadie's foster caregiver received an update from her new family.  Sadie is one of dozens of kittens rescued and cared for in our foster system this summer.

I thought I'd give you an update on little Sadie! She's doing extremely well! She has acquired a middle name -- Petunia -- which is rapidly becoming our preferred name for her, because she's such a little flower! She has successfully acclimated to the other pets, and though she and Nigel aren't formally playing yet, there have been no tussles or hissing at all once we let them in the same room with one another. They follow one another around the house and sniff one another, and they seem completely comfortable in one another's presence now, so it's just a matter of time before they'll start horsing around with one another. Our dog, George, is no problem since he's such a little cupcake -- he sniffs her and is very interested in what she is doing -- but Petunia is still just a little shy around him because of the size difference (he's about the size of a boxer), so she will sometimes give him a wide berth, especially if he runs in with tags jangling.

She is very playful and happy, and extremely affectionate! She adjusted to the new house with no problem, is using her scratching post some of the time -- catnip seems to help that -- and we've done her first nail trim, (which she did not like!). She sleeps with us every night for most of the night, though of course she moves around a lot. She and I have bonded very well, and she follows me around the house squeaking her little squeak. I hope she doesn't lose that cute little meow when she gets older!

Anyway, in the last two or three days especially, she seems completely settled in and life here has become "normal" for her. I thought you'd like some pictures of her (I haven't taken any of her with the other pets because I usually get the urge to get out my phone when she is curled up purring next to me). We are just in love with her, and she seems very happy with us. Thanks for taking such great care of our little Sadie Petunia!

During the spring and summer months our foster program is overflowing with momma cats and kittens. Please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263, if you are interested in becoming a Feline Rescue foster volunteer to help us rescue even more cats and kittens before they are euthanized at overcrowded animal control facilities..

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