Monday, August 13, 2012

Thessaly fka Violette Update

Thessaly is looking even more beautiful settled in with her family. We recently received a wonderful update and photos.


A couple years ago my husband and I took a look around and fell in love with a little tortie furball named Violette. We took her home and she's made a point of being the queen bee ever since.

She has since been renamed as "Thessaly" ("Thessie" for short) and is quite a quirky addition to our household. She talks CONSTANTLY when she's lounging on the bed and absolutely adores honing her claws on catnip-infused cardboard. She also has a penchant for rubbing against beards, much to our friends' delight.

Thessie is an extremely protective cat; if an "intruder" comes to the door, she'll growl like a guard dog. Most often the mailman gets this treatment. However, if said "intruder" ever comes into the house, she darts under the couch and hides there long after they've gone.

We've included a select few photos of Thessaly, which show off her gorgeous colouring and sleepy eyes. We thought it was high time you heard back about her!

Jamie and Connor

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