Monday, October 22, 2012

Raja, Now King of his Castle

Earlier this month we received an update for Rajah fka Saki.  His new family sent a great play-by-play complete with photos of his adjustment to his new home.

Hello all!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since Rajah (formerly known as Saki) has been home! and it's been fantastic! It took him about a day to get comfortable. His "home room" was the bathroom since thats where I first let him out of his carrier so he knew where his litter box was. And it's been smooth sailing ever since. The funny bit is he wouldn't play at all and just gives me the classic "You're kidding, right?" look. I had just mentioned this to Dawn when she called recently and lo and behold later that night I heard him running about the living room and realised he's totally into his fish and feather toys and he's been playing excitedly ever since though once in a while he likes to pretend he's too royal for that (Rajah means King in Hindi).

I've attached a number of pictures for your viewing pleasure with a description of each below :) .
Day 1
Pic 00307 -For the first 8-ish hours he simply refused to leave the bathtub and only go as far as his paws on the rim... So I left him alone for a while.

Pic 00301 - I heard a loud noise and came back to find him exploring the top of my bathroom cabinet looking like it was the most natural thing for him to do.

Pic 00305 - After apparently he'd done enough exploring of the bathtub and light fixtures, he finally accepted sitting on the bath mat...

Pic 00302 - Then I managed to coax him out of the bathroom.

Pic 00310 - My sister came to visit and the two were totally taken with each other. He's actually a very friendly cat and will go to anyone willing to give him a belly rub which he will demand by plopping down at your feet with his white belly up. :D

Pics 00315 and "photo" - This is him keeping watch over my balcony and just chilling in the sink, both of which he likes to do.

Pic 00321 - And finally, this was him last week providing a very welcome distraction from work.

Thank you, thank you for connecting us two.

All the best,

Thank you Ruddi for giving Rajah a wonderful home!

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