Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tiny Autumn comes from Red Lake

Before the past 2 days of much needed cold fall rain, Polly and Dan were at the garbage dump in Red Lake and there they found this tiny kitten next to the dumpster. They took the baby and called for help at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
Unable to get the kitten to the shelter for almost a whole day, they bottle fed the little one evaporated milk and kept it warm in Polly's fur hat!
Once at the shelter last evening we got the little one on kitten milk and he eats eagerly in a bottle. We have a heating pad on low temp and check it regularly, as well as help the little one toilet after every feeding.
Riley, our dog has taken a real interest in kittens. Each time we have a kitten, he often lays and guards the kitten 24/7. This time was no different.
We are so thankful to be able to transfer the little one to the foster through Denise and Dr. Vickie on Saturday, October 20th. We will all miss the little one, especially Riley!
A special thanks to Polly and Dan for the rescue, to Geri for helping , and to Act V and Denise for getting the little one a foster home.

Sincerely, Karen

This kitten was only about a week old when found at the dump with no other kittens or mother around. Karen and Geri tended to him every three hours round-the-clock for a few days, then he was tenderly transported to the Cities where he spent two nights with four other orphaned Red Lake "ditch" kittens. However, they were twice his size, so Feline Rescue agreed to take him and he moved in with foster caregiver Jill who specializes in bottle babies and had another lonely-only of similar size who needed a buddy. Yesterday he became ill, not eating, dehydrated so he made a trip to the vet. Please keep little Autumn in your thoughts.


  1. This precious baby...I hope he's going to be okay. Thank you so much to those who saved him from the dump and have taken such good care of him. Prayers for little Autumn.

  2. Nice save and glad so many people came together for this baby....purrs for Autumn!!


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