Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wilson fka Garnett Has His Own Facebook Page

We received a fabulous update for Wilson, fka Garnett, the beginning of October and then we learned from Wilson's family that he has his very own Facebook page. Always so much fun to follow former Feline Rescue kitties on their Facebook pages, blogs, and web sites.

Yesterday [Sept. 30] was the one year anniversary of when I brought home this amazing cat from Feline Rescue. You knew him as Garnett. I re-named him Wilson.

I just wanted to contact you to thank you again for keeping this special boy safe while he waited for me to find him. He has brought so much pure joy to my life and I know he is very happy to be here with me. He tells me every day how happy he is.

Wilson is truly the best cat I've ever owned. He is smart, playful, affectionate, talkative and he loves everyone…..and everyone loves him. I fell in love with this cat the minute I saw the picture of him you your web site. That mischievous, intelligent look in his eye told me he was just the cat I was looking for. Then, the day that I came to pick him up, he walked straight up to me and gave me that big meow and then walked straight in to my cat carrier. He chose me as definitively as I had chosen him! As I filled out the paperwork he got up on the table and rubbed my hand with his head almost the entire time...and also tried to chew on the paperwork a bit, too…lol….

Wilson became comfortable in my home very quickly and soon I got to know how very special he really is.

Wilson plays fetch! He brings me toys…mostly ponytail binders…and wants me to throw them so that he can bring them back and have me throw them again. He also does this with paint brushes from my crafts box, pens, sticks he finds on the deck, and even sometimes a real cat toy….but mostly he likes things he finds around the house. He brings me presents all night long while I'm sleeping but is very courteous about not waking me up. Every new person who comes to visit gets a special greeting from Wilson and he melts the hearts even of friends who say they don't like cats. He's what they call a "dog cat."

Wilson and I are very, very happy together and both of us will be thankful to you always!


Thank you Cindy for giving Wilson a home and SO much love!

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