Monday, October 15, 2012

They Look Identical But Have VERY Different Personalities

Sarabi is an absolutely wonderful momma cat who gave birth to four orange tabbies. They're nearly identical (one does have to look hard to see the differences) in size, shape, coloring, and markings. Their personalities, however, are not identical. One of the four babies was adopted. The three remaining - and their mother - are looking for their forever homes.
Timon (aka "Timmy") is a talker. He has a lot on his mind... and most of those topics have to do with breakfast... and lunch... and dinner. He loves food. Timmy was the first of his family to embrace canned food (the others all preferred dry food). Now that the rest of his family has learned that Timmy had the right idea - that canned food is yummy - Timmy has to share his breakfast with the others. Once Timmy finishes his bowl and decides he's still hungry, he sticks his paw into the bowl of one of his siblings and pulls it in front of him. Afterall, he's the one who told them that canned food is yummy so he feels as though he's earned part of their share.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on food ("When's breakfast?" "When's lunch?" "What are we having for dinner... and when is it?"), Timmy also likes to cry while being petted. He's just so happy he can't contain himself! Again, Timmy was a pioneer of his family. He was the first to decide that being a lap cat was a wonderful thing to be. Timmy loves to sit on laps... after he's eaten.

Timmy loves to play with his stuffed mice. He carries them around in his mouth - and has even dropped them at the feet of his foster mother!

Simba is quite a lover. He loves to be petted. He loves to purr. He is such a purr machine! He has a deep, loud purr which seems to be motoring all the time. He loves to sit on laps (after he learned from his brother that laps are a good thing). He'll even forgo breakfast (which makes Timmy very happy) for a lap. He likes to be first in line for lap time. He loves to follow his foster mother around until she sits down so that he jump on her lap to be petted. And if she happens to kneel down (like to clean a litter box), he flops down at her feet, exposing his belly. He loves belly rubs.

Simba loves to play. He's a little zany. He is an amazing acrobat! He does magnificent flips as he tries to catch the waving feathers on a string (or, in his mind, a low flying, indoor bird).

Nala is a bit shyer than her brothers. She's so incredibly sweet. She's learning that lap time is a good thing. She's learning that she loves to be petted. She loves to play in the kitty tunnel - and has decided that she likes to be petted while in the tunnel. She'll bait her foster mother by sliding through the tunnel and then sticking her head out of the center hole, insinuating that she wants to have her ears scratched. She purrs from within the tube. She loves to burrow under covers. She likes to dig under the blankets in her kitty bed and when she frees one, she carries it around with her (like Linus and his security blanket). She's a sweet girl that is just learning that being loved is a wonderful thing. Nala absolutely loves to play in the tunnel. She even likes human interaction, to be "tagged" while she burrows through the tunnel.

Sarabi is an amazing mother. She protects her children from the loud, scary vacuum cleaner. She comforts them when they're scared or sad by licking their head. She's an absolute sweetheart. She is quite a lap cat. She's serene and quiet. There's a lot of wisdom behind those calm eyes! She loves to sit up high and watch her children play below her. She likes to kick up her heels at play time and show her kittens that she's still got a lot of pep in her. She can go quite crazy for a laser pointer!

All four cats are available for adoption. They'd love to meet you!

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