Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letting Go As Foster Volunteers

As a foster volunteer for Feline Rescue for the past 6+ years, I've frequently been asked how I can let my foster kittens go.  Many people say they can't foster because they wouldn't be able to give up their foster kitties.

My reply is always that if I don't let my foster kitties go then I know I can't take in more which means that another kitten at an animal control facility may be killed or babies being born outside may not survive because of the weather, predators or people.  As animal rescuers we know that we can't save them all but even if we can save one more it is all worth it.

The following is from one of our fabulous volunteer foster caregivers. Being able to meet and approve of your foster kitties' new families always makes it easier to let go.

Potential adopters come to my house hoping to meet just the right foster cat or kitten to take Home, but I tell the kitties it's their decision, too. Recently, Angela O. came over looking for a playmate for her current cat. Angela especially wanted to meet Willis, who's one of the group of 10 kittens taken into foster care last summer. Brief introductions were made, the kittens played a few games (and wowed the visitor!) and a few minutes later Willis made his choice - as you can see from this photo. Sometimes I'm asked how I can say goodbye to the cats & kittens that I foster. I just look forward to moments like this!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster volunteer, please check out our Foster FAQ page and then contact Cathy, Feline Rescue's foster coordinator, at 651-230-3263 or email fostercare@felinerescue.org.


  1. I love fostering! I will miss the girls when they are adopted but I will be so happy when they have their own person to give them all the time they deserve and a whole home to bounce around.

  2. So very true....I get asked the same thing a lot. It is about finding that right home and knowing that sending them on their way allows me to help the next group that needs me. :)


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