Friday, November 9, 2012

Pax and Puppy

We are always trying to find homes for our kittens where they will have another young cat or kitten as a playmate but a young dog or puppy is also usually a good match for a kitten's energy.

Charlie fka Pax has an adorable puppy friend, Mae Mobley, in his new home.  We recently received an update with photos.  Not much cuter than a kitten AND a puppy in a photo.

Well it took about two weeks for them to take a break from wrestling but they finally took a break so I could get a few pictures!

We changed his name to Charlie... Anyway, we are in love with him. I love his loud purrs that he still does if he's within two feet of either of us. We got him two different kitty trees and a plethora of toys (by far the favorite is the laser pointer, he hauls butt chasing it).

Back to wrestling

He's a wonderful cat and we love him so much. We are thankful that the organization and you stepped in and saved him from being put down. we already can't imagine him not being a part of our family. Thanks again!


  1. How sweet. They're both such cutie pies!
    I have a siamese and a pitbull and they love each other's company.


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